Billet Shear

We bring you the most comprehensive range of billet shearing machines. Our billet shears are manufactured using quality components and as per the latest technological standards. From a robust design to a sturdy strength, our machine qualifies for all kinds of shearing operations that you have to carry out.

The machine is an optimum choice for shearing square billets, girders, channels, and other kinds of metal plates. With a quick response time and large shear force, these machines render a flawless operation. We have a wide array of shearing machines that allow users to create materials of a desired shape and size. These equipments perfectly meets the defined industry standards and norms. With smooth functioning and better support, they deliver the best performance even in the most challenging conditions.

Special characteristics of our machines:

  • Durable and long life – Anti-friction bearing, lubrication system, etc., makes sure the machine lasts longer
  • High load bearing capacity – Precision engineered shaft that supports any amount of weight kept .
  • Sturdy construction – Steel fabricated, cased body that can handle hot as well as cold shearing processes
  • Corrosion resistance – Anti-corrosion fabrication to make sure that the metal body doesn't attract rust or anything else that degrades its quality.

Areas of application:

Shearing billets and blooms
Cutting slabs and plates
Shearing channels, girders, squares, angles, and many types of re-rollable materials

We are seen as one of the most acclaimed manufacturers of billet shears. We try to make our machines as much user-friendly as possible. You will find their operations quite convenient, thanks to the automatic functioning system. Efficient measures for safety has also been considered to ensure the protection of the operator. In totality, our billet shears are machines that you can depend on for all your shearing needs.

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