Shearing machine

Shearing machine

Our shearing machines incorporate the latest technology and is known for its top-notch performance. Bearing a simple design, it has elegant functionalities that make shearing accurate and as much clean as possible. Shearing is the process of cutting or straining a material, particularly metal sheets or plates, using excessive pressure. Our machines also come with optimum protection and safety features for a sound shearing performance.

Some Salient features of our shearing machines:

  • Power – Different kinds of machines are available and they can be foot powered, hand powered, mechanically powered, electrically powered, or hydraulic powered.
  • Cutting components – The machines are provided with high performance knives or cutting blades that does the shearing without the formation of metal chips.
  • Safety – The machine comes with a finger guard that is fitted with Front or Hold Down System. Similarly, there are other areas also that ensure no accident is caused.
  • Lubrication – All moving components are provided with a lubricating agent to prevent friction and allow smooth operation of the parts.
  • Additional accessories – Every other vital accessories are provided with the machine. These items can be wheel guard, gear, V-belts, manual lubrication systems, gauges, and user manuals.

How does it function?

The workpiece is placed in a fixed platform. A moving blade then comes down perpendicularly to shear the material. The angle of the blades can be rocked in order to shear large sheets or plates. This decreases the pressure, but increases the stroke. The workpiece can be held manually or by a holding device.

We introduce you to one of the most technically advanced shearing machines of the time. These robust machines will answer all your shearing needs with precision and accuracy. Reach us through mail or call us directly to learn more about our products and services.

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